Sunday, April 8, 2012


This year continues to bring interesting days on the water. I've picked up spey casting, and it has become a favorite angling methodology. As in my first single-hand fly fishing casts, spey casting carries the same renewing properties. The element of immersion exists on a whole other plane. The weather is usually pure crap (cold/rain/wind/sleet/snow), and sight fishing is not really something in the equation as I have experienced yet. The casting and covering techniques are very rhythmic, with the only syncopation coming from a fish on the iron. Swinging flies through grayed winter waters is something else. When the toes go numb and the headwinds pick up, the moment slips on a sisyphean mask. At the end of a good cast, the line belly gliding casually atop the river, guiding the fly towards what one hopes is a holding steelhead, we do it again.
I have really enjoyed my outings, even without having caught my quarry. Folks say there are still fish in. I'll wait until next season...

Yesterday, a buddy and I headed north and got into a few spring browns:

We started off using parachute BWO in 18, but after seeing no surface action, we went down and dirty, using Bethke's Pink Squirrel with great results.

this little fella was awful pretty.

Having stood in a cool stream on a bluebird day is a big shift from the chilling rigors on WI steelheading. And every ounce as challenging - and rewarding.

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  1. Very nice blog here Josh! Just found it. Great perspectives! I enjoyed reading it!